French Country Cottage

Stonewashed Natural French Linens

Linen Tablecloths & Chair slipcovers are due to be back in stock in 2 weeks. PRE-SALES will open up on November 1st.

We will have Slipcovers available in 2 colors

and Tablecloths available in 4 colors.

Supplies are Limited and won't be restocked until after the holidays.

PLEASE NOTE- Sales Are Final.

Ask Any Questions Before Purchasing.

It is just a couple of us folks packaging and shipping - we ship one day a week so depending on what day you purchase- your package might take a little longer to reach you. Please allow 2 weeks

Orders have Insurance, Tracking and Delivery Confirmation added to them due to damage and losses from shippers this year. We do our best to find the best shipping price and service for your order and refund any overage above the shipping, extras and handling.

Happy shopping! :)